AROMICS is convinced that the future of novel drugs and the management of human diseases lies in the development of rationale-driven drugs that are effective, have minimal side effects and improve the patient’s quality of life.

We follow three main approaches:

  • Predicting and understanding the biological effects of the drug on disease progression.
  • Predicting and understanding the mechanisms of action for drug-induced toxicity.
  • Identifying key molecular biomarkers that must be monitored to ensure success of clinical trials or eliminate possible failures early, during preclinical and clinical development.

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We strongly believe that multi-omic data coupled with other relevant data such as pharmacokinetic, phenotypic, physiological, individual genetic variability and clinical measurements represent an important first step towards gaining biological insights into:

  • How drugs work, giving them added value, reducing attrition rates and advancing  through the clinic.
  • Determining clinically predictive molecular endpoints that help physicians manage the disease, drive prescriptions and  monitor drug response.

Through our own discovery efforts, as well as in-licensing and collaboration research programs, AROMICS is building a portfolio of highly innovative projects in diagnostic and therapeutic areas at various stages of development, from early discovery to proof-of-concept phases. A strong intellectual property portfolio supports our diverse product pipeline.