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AROMICS offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies partnerships for discovering, validating and developing biomarkers in the context of drug development and diagnosis. From early research to later-stage drug development processes, AROMICS addresses novel ways of reducing drug development costs and greatly accelerating the R&D process by means of the integration of OMIC sciences in pharmaceutical development.


Our OMIC services offer different solutions for the preclinical and clinical drug development needs according to different schedules:

  • Known-target: a compound whose target is already identified. Functional genomics and proteomics application adds valuable information to the efficacy/toxicity of the compounds.
  • Unknown-target: mainly focused on new test molecules. In these cases, OMIC sciences are used as a global approach to identify the target as well as to elucidate the mechanism of action.

In both cases we work according to our customer’s specifications (fee for service) or for our internal product development (Intellectual Property).