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our research

our research

AROMICS conducts a number of internal and collaborative R&D projects across a range of therapeutic areas, focused on the identification and validation of molecular biomarkers and their applicability to:

  • Therapeutics: promoting new approaches to identify therapeutic targets and developing a proprietary pipeline of novel drugs.
  • Diagnostics: developing new testing tools for accurate diagnosis and drug response monitoring.

Human diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s or Multiple Sclerosis, among others, represent the core of our investigation activity.

In addition to our activity in health-related research, AROMICS also provides analytical solutions for pathogen identification and monitoring to companies working in non-health related industries, such as the agro-food or environmental areas.

Staffed by an experienced scientific and management team, AROMICS offers its partners a fully translational research program focused on:

  • Target-oriented drug discovery programs: Identifying genes and proteins related to human diseases in order to develop specific therapies and to evaluate drugs’ mechanism of action.
  • Accurate diagnostics: Developing technologies for the diagnosis and prognosis of complex diseases based on molecular biology.
  • Omic sciences: incorporating new technologies to increase our pipeline of relevant techniques for characterizing the mechanism of action of candidate drugs.

All of this activity is supplemented by an international network of research collaborators, including private and public research institutions.