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our history

our history

Founded in 2005, AROMICS is a private, research-driven company located at the Scientific Park of Barcelona. The aim of AROMICS is to capitalize on our extensive know-how and experience applying OMIC technologies (genomics/proteomics) in drug development processes and provide clearly defined added value to biotech product development that is: validated proof of concept prototypes for novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

AROMICS targets needs of the healthcare clinical and translational market: 1) innovative, effective and safer medicines for life-threatening diseases; 2) improve efficiency and cost reduction of the drug discovery process; and 3) the need to establish a cost-effective and productive bridge between basic science and industry.

Staffed by an experienced drug discovery team, AROMICS offers their partners a full translational research programme (from the identification of novel drug targets, target validation, lead discovery and optimization to early clinical stages) in areas such as cancer, CNS and infectious diseases. The company maintains a strong network of international collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as private and public research institutions. Our R&D track record, strategy and collaborations position the company to become a leading innovator in the European biopharmaceutical industry.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and prime location at the Scientific Park of Barcelona are ideal for creating the professional, productive and positive environment needed to achieve our scientific and business goals.